the procurement and commercial specialists
the procurement and commercial specialists


Harvest Services is an independent company that delivers expert procurement and commercial solutions through strategic procurement and sourcing advice which is embedded in the latest procurement and contract management solutions.


First class procurement and commercial management is essential to modern business in order to respond to changes in economic conditions, to maximise savings and profit and to improve a company’s performance and competitive advantage.


The company provides a full range of procurement and commercial services from outline business case to tendering, negotiation, contract delivery and closure.


Core skills and competencies include:




  • advising on strategic procurement and contract arrangements, preparing tender documents, risk assessments, selection of tenderers, evaluating and reporting on tenders


Commercial Management


  • preparing contract documents, implementing change orders, dealing with supplier's claims and extensions of time, goods receiving, invoice checking and payment processing


Policy, Practice and Procedures


  • devising, developing and implementing procurement policy and procedure; establishing company-wide procurement and contract governance within multiple international business units


Transformation and Modernisation


  • leading change programmes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of legacy procurement through up-skilling and developing teams to take on a category management approach using eProcurement systems